The Gen Zers or Centennials, the post-Millennial generation, were not just born in a world where the use of the internet was widespread. More than digital natives, these young people have grown up in an environment in which hyperconnectivity and easy-to-use technology are the norm.

The digital advances Millennials witnessed and rapidly incorporated into their lives, for the Gen Zers, are just the natural way the world interacts with them. This technological aspect, combined with the social and political circumstances of the last decades, culminated in a new set of habits and attitudes among younger people.

To highlight some of these new patterns of behaviour, here in Bemobile we created this ongoing “list”. The idea isn’t to develop an exhaustive investigation. Instead, just outline particular points, randomly.


Millennials are multitaskers. But centennials far exceed their older brothers. Jumping between tasks and devices — and dealing with a lot of stimuli — comes instinctively to them.

Multitasking by Olesia Polupan


Centennials tend to watch videos on YouTube to assimilate new skills and are entirely comfortable with teaching themselves via Google or Pinterest. Besides, instead of merely showing up for class and taking notes, Gen Zers look for participative classroom environments. Learning by doing is their motto.

Independent learners by Olesia Polupan


As old as age 21, and have been raised under challenging global economic conditions, Centennials are more worried about how they spend their money — compared to Millennials when their age. Thus, financial tracking apps, such as Mint, are genuinely appreciated by Gen Zers. They also never carry cash, being familiar with digital wallets and peer-to-peer payment apps. In fact, they tend to rely on tech companies like Google and Apple to provide banking services, expecting Facebook and Snapchat to offer the same.

Cashless by Olesia Polupan


Consumers, in general, are becoming increasingly critical about promotional content and traditional selling strategies. Transparency and authenticity have become the supreme values for the brands who want to survive in today’s market: especially among Centennials. These kids are innate content curators, have grown up immersed in “fake news”, becoming skilled at spotting real and bogus marketing claims.

Gen Zers as consumers by Olesia Polupan

To be continued…

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