1. The Magic Fridge

You definitely know the dissapointing feeling of checking your fridge planning to cook your lunch after a late going out on Saturday and finding one onion left. Even the most skillful chef would probably get puzzled by the profound emptiness of the fridge.Groceries, the first shopping app by MasterCard integrated directly into the Samsung refrigerator will save your day. What can be more useful and practical than order your food directly from your fridge? Besides, the app will be able to personalize your shopping experience according to your habits and make the shopping lists for you. Some future customers already asked for the option to automatically detect lack of food items and notify the consumer about it.


2. Your pet’s friend

LG Rolling Bot — a new pet’s friend, a device that will entertain your pet while you are not at home. It has an integrated camera and thanks to its shape it easily rolls from one room to another. The ball is controlled by the app no matter where you are. You can also talk to your pet as the robotic ball has a microphone and a speaker. Apart from being useful, the design is cool enough!



3. Mate Book

Mate book — a new Huawei tablet suitable not only for business purposes but can be a good mate for designers and artists. With its MatePen you can experience its extra pressure sensitivity (2,048 levels!!!)



4. Smart pet products

Smart pet products — one of the competitors of the Rolling bot, is a set of pet-oriented devices and apps. Ball Ready device trains your pet by throwing the ball and gives it food as a reward. Then with a Petfit app you can check how many calories your pet burns (and how fit it is!)



5. Wanda Robot

I have no idea whether this robot’s name is Wanda or it means something else in chinese, but his owner pronounced this word every time another action was expected to be demonstrated. And Wanda did it every time without objection and seemed friendly. Wanda danced, Wanda sang songs, Wanda even took a picture of mine. And Wanda talked a lot, but only Chinese…


Looking forward to the next MWC!

Sasha SergiienkoSasha Sergiienko

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